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Trusted brand names in general hardware and safety equipment. We stock door locks and handles as well as all your safety equipment requirements. Whether it is for home or personal safety, your local project partner can assist. We’ll help you choose the correct lock depending on application, style and budget.

Timbercity Stellenbosch - General hardware and safety equipment

safety equipment

Timbercity Stellenbosch - Hardware Fittings - Door Handle

door handles

Timbercity Stellenbosch - Hardware Fittings - T-Hinges


Please click below to see the full range we can get for you.

Timbercity Stellenbosch - Hardware Fittings - Door Locks

door locks

Door Locks
Door Handles
Cabin Hooks
Pop Rivets
Safety Boots
Safety Goggles
Dust Masks
Ear Plugs

You’ll find all the trusted brand names you know and can count on to get the job done. Ask one of our experienced sales consultants for assistance in selecting the correct handle or hinge for the application you need. We are your project partner.

Timbercity Stellenbosch - Supplier Cachet

Click here to view the full range of Cachet’s product range.

Timbercity Stellenbosch - Supplier Safetop

Click here to view the full range of SafeTop’s product range.

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