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Birch Plywood

for interior applications

Birch Plywood
for interior applications

Beautiful and refined

Looking for a quality plywood that’s highly aesthetic? Birch plywood is the answer. Our birch plywood features very fine layers, making it not only strong, but giving the edge of the wood beautifully striated definition.

Birch ply is made with UF resins which do not counter moisture as effectively as exterior ply or marine ply, so this is a plywood for interior use. With its fine smooth surface, pale colour and beautiful flame-effect grain, Birch ply is truly a cut above any other plywood. It wants to be seen, and is the natural choice for non-structural inside applications. Available in various grades, we primarily stock bb/bb-grade birch ply where either side of the wood can be outward facing. Our bb/bb grading involves the removal of all knots and replacement with clear patches, leaving the surface of the wood smooth and blemish-free.


Good to use for

Birch plywood can be used for ceilings, interior cladding and inner roof linings. It’s a great choice for making interior furniture, from tables and desks, to cabinets and cupboards. It’s even ideal for making children’s toys.


At Timbercity Stellenbosch we only stock birch plywood from accredited plantation forests. Our birch ply also has a zero formaldehyde emission rating. As leading plywood supplier in Stellenbosch, Timbercity has a wide range of birch plywood, from 4mm thickness to 21mm. We can cut to size and deliver, so contact Timbercity Stellenbosch today.

Birch Plywood specs

Timbercity Stellenbosch - Plywood - Birch

Standard sizes
8 x 4 = 2440 x 1220mm

4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 21mm

Please check availability of thicknesses

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