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We offer interior and exterior doors and door frames in a variety of finishes in Stellenbosch. All manufactured by leading suppliers with a backup service.

Timbercity Stellenbosch - Doors - Interior


Standard sizes
2032 x 813 mm

Other sizes available on request

Timbercity Stellenbosch - Doors and Door Frames


Standard sizes
2032 x 813 mm

Other sizes available on request

Timbercity Stellenbosch - Doors - Sliding


Other sizes available on request

Timbercity Stellenbosch - Door Frames


Other sizes available on request

Timbercity Stellenbosch - Supplier Swartland

Click here to view the full range of Swartland’s doors and door frames.

Timbercity Stellenbosch - Supplier Lotus Amoretti

Click here to download the Lotus Amoretti product catalogue.

You will find a large variety of beautiful interior and exterior doors and frames to choose from in-store. Knowledgeable staff will help you choose the correct product that suits your application and also your budget. Be assured that all doors and frames are manufactured by leading suppliers that offers comprehensive backup service. Whether you are looking for Pine, Hardboard, Hardwood or Red Grandice you’ll find the perfect finish at Timbercity Stellenbosch. We also cater for non-standard sizes, so please enquire and we are ready to assist you.


Marine Plywood is mainly used in very wet environments. It is strong and durable and handles sea water well. If you have a boat and need a bench seat fitted or the dashboard of a motor boat you would use Marine Plywood which has a special glue and bonding method to ensure no delamination. A sealer or varnish is advisable.


Interior Commercial Plywood is mainly used for indoor furniture and panelling. It also gets used regularly as insets in doors or backings of antiques and other cabinets.


Commercial Exterior Plywood is the little brother of Marine Plywood. This plywood has phenolic glue which is water resistant and can be used outside. However it cannot be exposed to water like Marine Plywood but is adequate for outdoor use. If you want to add or replace a garden shed roof or pool pump cover this would be the plywood you choose. It will still need a coat of varnish for extra protection and longevity. The surface of commercial plywood is generally a hardwood veneer of a few mm thick and cross hatched


Exterior Pine Plywood is similar to the commercial in the sense it also has the exterior glue but the plywood is made from Pine and is thus not as durable as commercial plywood for exterior use. Pine Plywood is usually used for furniture manufacture and backings for cupboards and cabinets.

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